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PS5 System Software Update Beta Program Sign Up Live Now

The next major system update for the PS5 is in the starting blocks. First, it will be beta tested, which you can participate in.

PS5 System Software beta program registration


Sony is preparing the next major system update for the PS5. And you can help the company by participating in the beta program. Registration for the beta program has already started. So if you want to help test the next PS5 system software, follow the registration instructions.

Registration is possible for players aged 18 and over in the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, and France. Several new features will be introduced with the upcoming PS5 firmware. However, Sony did not want to go into detail yet.

“If you’re selected to be part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the beta version of the next system software,” Sony said on the official PlayStation Blog.


To log in, you need a PS5 console with an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account. In addition, you will automatically be added to the pool of potential participants for future PS5 system software beta’s. You don’t have to register again.

Once the beta is available, you can roll back your system software to the latest official version before the beta program ends.

The last major PS5 system update in April brought new features, including expanded USB storage, intergenerational share play, an improved game base, and other improvements to the user interface and social media functions.