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PS5 Size Compared With Xbox Series X/S & Nintendo Switch

A few pictures were published on Twitter that offers a size comparison between the PS5 and other consoles like Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. These are illustrations that are apparently based on the official measurements but can vary.

The PS5, which will be launched on the market in November, is quite impressive compared to the consoles of previous generations. But how does the new hardware look when it is positioned on the TV board next to other systems?


We won’t see photos with a size comparison until after the launch in around eight weeks. But on Twitter, the illustrator and 3D modeler @keisawada already put a series of pictures into circulation over the weekend, with which the size of the next-gen consoles should be put into perspective.

The illustrations show the PS5 next to a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S, a PS4, and a 30 inch TV. The difference in dimensions can be clearly seen. Sony’s PS5 towers over the other consoles and threatens to reach almost the size of the TV. In other words, you cannot overlook your new console later. However, Sony provided a design that buyers usually do not want to forego.

The size of the PS5 has a reason: the cooling should benefit from it. Matt MacLaurin, the vice president of UX Design at PlayStation, stated a while ago that the new console develops a certain amount of heat due to its power, which can be better-dissipated thanks to the size of the PS5.


How the background noise develops in a comparison with the Xbox Series X, we will find out after the launch of the two consoles. The Xbox Series X/S will be launched on November 10, 2020. The PS5 will follow on November 19, 2020. Prices are $299 (Xbox Series S), $399 (PS5 Digital Edition) and $499 (PS5, Xbox Series X).

Pre-orders for the PS5 will be accepted again in the coming days. Xbox Series X/S pre-order starts tomorrow.