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PS5 Share Factory App With 4K HDR Support Available Now for Download

The Share Factory app is also now available for download on the PS5. With it, you can edit your recorded video scenes and share them with the community.


PS5 Share Factory App available for download

With the PS5 you can not only enjoy extensive gameplay sessions. The console also offers you the option to record and edit the gameplay scenes. A free app called Share Factory, which is now available in the PlayStation Store, will be very helpful.

The Share Factory app includes a rudimentary video editing tool that gives you the option of cutting video clips together and even recording voice-over elements. Nice transitions are also part of the app’s capabilities.

Once you’ve edited the videos, you can make the content available on websites like YouTube. The detour via a PC is not necessary for this.
With the new Share Factory, Sony promises an app that is “better than ever” and has been given “brand new features.” It should help you to “personalize and share your best gaming moments.”

On the PS5, the Share Factory supports 4K HDR. You can add stickers, text, sound effects, filters, camera effects and much more. “Use the Photo Editor to customize and share your screenshots and create your own unique memes,” Sony said in the official description.

You can also import your own videos, pictures, music and sound effects from a USB storage device with the updated toolbox.


The PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.