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PS5: Select PSVR & PS4 Games Will Enjoy Smoother And Faster Frame Rates, Sony Confirms

Sony will use the power of PS5 to inspire PS4 and PSVR games. Select games will receive higher and smoother frame rates via a boost mode.


PS5 is compatible with PlayStation VR, which gives owners of the virtual reality headset a certain advantage: Due to the additional power, the PSVR games can run on the new console at a higher frame rate.

Sony mentions this feature on the company’s official website. However, there is a small catch: all current-gen games will apparently not benefit from the so-called boost mode. The PS5 manufacturer refers to “select PS4 and PSVR games”. The wording on the official Sony website says: “Enjoy faster and smoother frame rates in select PS4 and PS VR games.”

Especially with VR games, a fluid and as high as possible frame rate is crucial for a pleasant gaming experience, as this is the best way to counteract the so-called motion sickness. But even normal PS4 games that have performance problems on the current console could offer a significantly smoother gaming experience on the PS5. Individual games were not mentioned by name.

Sony has not yet made a new PlayStation VR model official. But as mentioned at the beginning, the VR hardware of the current generation is compatible with the PS5. An adapter only needs to be used for the PS4 camera. It is intended to be made available to PSVR users at no additional cost. Sony has not yet given any further details.

You will soon be able to experience your PS4 and PSVR games on the PS5. The new console will be released worldwide on November 19, 2020. Some selected regions will receive the new hardware a few days in advance on November 12. The digital edition of the PS5 costs $399. The standard version costs $499. Further pre-orders will be accepted shortly.