How To Fix PS5 Queue 500 Internal Server Error?

Here's a quick guide on how to fix PS5 Queue 500 Internal server error.

There’s a queue on PlayStation’s official website from where you can directly order PS5 from Sony. However, there are thousands of people who have been having issues to make their order. While making an order, users are shown an error message which reads, “We are having trouble with the server. Please try again later.” This message is accompanied by the error code 500.

If you too are facing the same issue then this guide will teach you how to fix 500 internal server error and explain what does it mean.

PS5 queue ‘trouble with the server’ explained

There is no denying that you can directly buy the next-gen console from its official website but even its manufacturers don’t have enough stock. You can line up to buy a PS5 from Sony today as sales are live.  Notably, the queue is taking a longer than usual time. Now, the queue is nowhere to be seen on the site.

The error code 500 and internal server gives us hints that the PS5 queue has been disabled. There are people who used the PS5 queue to buy the next-gen console have been informed that the console was out of stock after trying to make their payment. However, there are many users who have secured their purchase of the PS5 using the same method.

Since Sony does not have enough stock of PS5, they seem to have disabled the page to prevent other users from experiencing the same disappointment. The page is getting massive traffic, putting a lot of strain on the server.

Currently, there is no way to buy PS5 directly from Sony. Apart from Sony, there are various retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, Wallmart and BestBuy have only limited stock that they will sell on particular dates.

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