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How To Get PSVR Adapter For PS5 From Sony For Free?

You can use PSVR on PlayStation 5 but with an different adapter. Thankfully Sony is offering this for free.

Sony PS5 is coming up soon, the next-gen console promises a lot of new upgrades and an immersive gameplay experience. The same goes for PSVR, whoever owns the entire VR kit will surely want to try it on the new PlayStation 5. The VR Gaming system will not be functional with the existing PS4 adapter. To sort the issue Sony is providing a free PSVR adapter for PS5. But you will have to claim the adapter that will be delivered to you by Sony. Here is a guide on how to get PS5 PSVR Adapter for free.


How to Claim free PSVR Adapter for PlayStation 5?

PSVR PS5 Adapter

Free PS5 PSVR Adapter is available via playstation.com. On the home page scroll down and you will see a button “Request your PlayStation Camera adaptor now”. Click the link to visit the site and then select your default language. Click on Next on the second page and then select your region. If you are outside the available region choose Others.

Provide your PS5 Serial Number which is printed in the form of bar code on the body of the console. There will be a similar one in the body of the PS5 console, type the Serial number, and verify the captcha. Then click on Submit. Fill up the Shipping and Contact details to proceed to the final step.

That’s it you have claimed your free PSVR Camera Adapter for PS5 from Sony. This item will be shipped to you soon. Using the adapter you can sync PSVR with PS5 and enjoying VR Gaming on the same. Usually, all such accessories are packed with the console itself.

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