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Sony: PS5 Processes Data One Hundred Times Faster Than PS4

Playstation 5 Capabilities

At a recent meeting on Sony’s corporate strategy, Kenichiro Yoshida, executive director of the company, spoke about the superiority of the PlayStation 5 over the PlayStation 4, as well as the features of the upcoming device. According to the head, the next-generation console processes data a hundred times faster than PS4 did.

According to the Screenrant portal with the reference to the source, the heard of the company said that such impressive performance is achieved thanks to a specially developed solid-state drive (SSD). It will allow players to almost instantly move through vast virtual worlds. Most likely, Kenichiro Yoshida was referring to a significant reduction in boot time.


It is appropriate to recall the segment of the PS5 presentation that was merged in May 2019 to the Web, which shows that Marvel’s Spider-Man loaded on the console in 0.83 seconds. On PS4, this process took 8.10 seconds, which is ten times longer. Sony may have improved performance since then, but it is unlikely that they have grown to those numbers announced by Kenichiro Yoshida.

The CEO also mentioned two other aspects of PS5 that will improve immersion in the gameplay. The first is the DualSense controller technology, which uses adaptive triggers. And the second is a module that provides surround sound. According to Kenichiro Yoshida, a combination of speed, the feel of a gamepad, and sound will provide a gaming experience that has never been possible before.

PlayStation 5 should go on sale in the fall of 2020. But the exact release date is still unknown.


Source: Screenrant