Sony Will Show PS5 in June If Plans Do Not Change

Artur Novichenko
2 Min Read

Well-known gaming journalist Jason Schreier in the latest Press Start podcast briefly talked about Sony’s plans. According to him, the Japanese company intends to hold its own event with a PlayStation 5 demonstration at the beginning of summer, but there is a chance that date can still change.

According to the Wccftech portal, Jason Schreier said that the Sony show will take place in the early days or closer to the middle of June. According to the journalist, the plans of the Japanese company may still change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Official statements from the Japanese company regarding the conduct of any event have not been received yet.

Earlier, the GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb said that Sony will show the PlayStation 5 on June 4. This information is similar to the data provided by Jason Schreier.

The date that was chosen for the event does not look strange. At the beginning of summer, the E3 event is always held. But in 2020 it was canceled due to the coronavirus. Instead, many publishers will hold separate shows. And the Western media (IGN, GamesRadar, GameSpot) decided to please the players with their broadcasts. There they will show announcements of new projects from different studios. In June, the community of gamers will be especially excited about what Sony can use to make people around the world interested.

Source: Wccftech