When Can You Pre-Order the PS5?

Coming this holiday

After years of speculation we finally saw the new face of the next-gen console by Sony. The brand new console is revealed and here are some details on when can you pre-order PS5? The expected launch date of the Sony PS5 is November 20, 2020. Somewhere in the holiday, Sony has spoken nothing about the official release date and time.

Sony PS5 Pre-order Details

During PlayStation Future of Gaming show which revealed more than 25 games, the official release date of Sony PS5 is still a mystery. But if you notice the release date of some big game like Spider-Man Miles Morales, it is Holiday 2020. This indicates Sony PS5 pre-order will begin on holiday 2020. You can click the link above to check out every announcement of the PS5 event.

Sony will start with selling only the consoles, or it can also release with the games. There is no doubt that this is not going t be stretched. Things did not go well during 2020, the pandemic has lead to delays of various things. We are expecting Sony to keep its promise and give the gamer a chance to have fun during the holidays.

PS5 will be coming in two editions. A regular one which has a blu-ray disc player and second a digital edition without it. This the only major difference, between two models. This will also impact the price tags, and based on different news sources PS5 price is between $449 to $500. Amazon UK listing leaked a price of £599.99, and some listed even $700.

Based on the launch assumption and PS5 exclusive game announcements that are set to release in Holiday 2020, you can pre-order PS5 somewhere in November or December 2020. The price will be different for PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 regular edition. Check the link to know what is the difference between both, and how does it going to impact your overall gaming experience.