PS5 New PS Store Will Let You Play Games Without Downloading – Rumor

By Raaj
2 Min Read

Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, now what PlayStation Cloud Gaming Service? A rumor claimed PS5’s new PS store will allow players to test games without downloading it. Including mostly trials or demo via new PS Store UI, you can try before buy. A tweet by PS5Only shared the update which says PS Store’s new UI will allow players to browse and try games instantly. This feature has never been introduced before by any game store.

Playable within seconds, without any traditional download it looks Sony is on its way to integrate Cloud Gaming in the PlayStation network. After tying the game if you are willing to buy the game you can purchase a full copy and download it as normal. Quite an interesting feature helping out users to decide what they really want. Some of the best games coming up does not offer Demo’s leaving buyers to check out platforms like Youtube.

If this is true then Sony is on its way to bring up Cloud Streaming support to the PlayStation store. PS5 will be the first next-gen console to have this feature. Leading gaming stores like Steam, Epic Store, Xbox Game Store, etc did not have such benefits. Microsoft, Google, and a few leading game hardware manufacturers are touting their gaming streaming services from some time. Due to lack of high-speed bandwidth distribution, system hardware Gaming Streaming services are not as popular as they were thought of.

In the coming years we will be seeing more after new consoles make their way to end-user. Integration of a Game Streaming service directly into a console will revolutionize the way we buy games.