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Leaked Benchmarking Reports Reveals PS5 Is Four Times Powerful Than PS4

There is a wide gap of scores between both consoles

APISAK tweeted PS5 Benchmarking score in revealing the new console will be a way stronger compared to its predecessor PS4. PS5 semi-custom AMD APU codenamed Gonzalo scores 20000 compared to PS4 processors that halted on 5000. The difference is high, and this shows PS5 will feature powerful hardware bringing next-level graphics for players.

This is just a glimpse of what PS5 can do, the exact report is not revealed, probably the source might in some embargo, but if the scores are accurate then Sony’s new console is way better to take on Microsoft’s Xbox.

During E3 2019 Microsoft revealed Project Scarlett the next face of Xbox that with new upgrades, there will be two models under the codename, however not enough info is revealed that can help us to have a direct comparison between PS5 and new Xbox.

According to a report by WSJ, Sony wants to focus more on Triple-A title with PS5. A few highlighted featured rumored to be part of the new console is 8K gaming and ray-tracing that will power up games to perform on next level.