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Settings to Unlock 120Hz Refresh Rate on PS5

If you are having a gaming monitor and not getting the full refresh rate then here is what you have to do.

PlayStation 5 is designed for performance to deliver a stable 4K performance and widescreen displays. The console is going to break the barrier of performance offering more immersive gameplay and ultra-realistic graphic quality. To an extent, a lot of things are auto-optimized in PS5, but in some cases, you won’t be able to draw out the max refresh rate. There is a specific reason for the limited output. PS5 has Performance Mode options, if turned off the console will deliver optimized output. This is where the console cannot benefit from the high refresh rate monitor. But after turning the PS5 Performance Mode on the console will fill up all the bars. Here is a guide on how to enable 120Hz video on PS4.

How to enable 120hz Video on PS5

PS5 120hz Refresh Rate

Go to Settings from the Main Menu. Look at the settings icon on the top right of the screen and go to Save Data & Game/Ap[p Settings. Select Game Preset and under Difficulty select Performance Mode or Resolution Mode. There are three options under this PS5 setting.

  • Game Default
  • Performance Mode
  • Resolution Mode

Select Performance Mode and exit the menu. Connect your gaming monitor to the console. Make sure you pick a model that supports the 120hz refresh rate. Some gaming monitors come with a 144Hz refresh rate. Any display lower than 120Hz  will not work. You can test games like the Cold War or Valhalla for graphic quality.

Also, not all games support a 120Hz refresh rate. It relies on the console and the gaming monitor to deliver an optimized graphic screen. Games or PS5 do not have a direct setting to modify the refresh rate. You just have to enable the performance mode and leave it on the console. Depending on what game you are playing the console will optimize the best performance it can deliver.

What is the use of 120hz resolution?

120hz refresh rate means monitoring refresh 120times in 1 second. This significantly boosts the fps and give you a much detailed picture while moving the camera. In simple words in a fast-paced action game like COD Cold War, you need a high refresh rate monitor to see things clearly. This helps you to identify enemies from distance. Monitor Refresh rate is a motion blur killer, you can notice the same while moving the joystick. Things get invisible on a low refresh rate monitor until you place your crosshair on a target.

For competitive games refresh rate plays a big role and for consoles like PS5 which have ray tracking support, a high-end monitor can only deliver best quality graphics.