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PS5 Could Be Getting Xbox’s Auto HDR-like Feature, New Sony Patent Suggests

Could the PS5 sooner or later get an auto HDR feature, as has already been confirmed for the Xbox Series X? A current patent from Sony could at least suggest it.


One of the first features that Microsoft confirmed for the Xbox Series X was the so-called Auto-HDR function, with which backward-compatible games are provided with HDR support as standard.

According to recent reports, Sony Interactive Entertainment could sooner or later follow suit and provide the PS5 with a similar auto HDR feature. This is indicated by at least a current patent from the Japanese company, which describes a software solution that differs a little from the approach that Microsoft is pursuing on the Xbox Series X.

The patent describes a display controller and an image display method. Brightness consistency and gamma values ​​are also mentioned. The technology aims to adapt images in a colored room and to convert them using the appropriate settings so that they can be displayed on a suitable screen.

The Xbox Series X, on the other hand, uses a machine-learning algorithm to add HDR to older games. Since an official announcement by Sony Interactive Entertainment is still pending, it remains to be seen whether and when the PS5 will be considered with the Auto-HDR solution described in the current patent.