PS5: DualSense Sound Effects Shown in Video

The PS5’s DualSense controller has a small speaker. How it is used in the case of Astro’s Playroom is illustrated in a new video for the upcoming console.

The PS5 will be launched in less than two weeks from now. The console will be delivered with the new DualSense controller, which not only gives the players haptic feedback. The new input device can also participate in acoustically. As with the DualSense 4, a small speaker is built-in, which, depending on the game, speaks more or less.

The whole thing is demonstrated in a video that was circulated over the weekend. Once again, the focus is on Astro’s Playroom. But this time it is not the game scenes that are primarily of interest. Rather, David Lee tries to capture the sound effects of the DualSense using a microphone positioned on the controller. You can see the corresponding scenes in the middle of the Youtube video below.

The DualSense sound on its own does not sound very impressive, of course, as it has to interact with the TV speakers or the home sound system. But not only the DualSense sound is addressed in the video for the PS5. The triggers are once again an issue.

The associated effects and peculiarities have been discussed countless times in the past few months, so that David Lee was unable to bring any real news to light. At least one thing is certain: The PS5 should offer a more immersive experience and no longer decouple the player too much from the gameplay.

You can soon put the results to the test. The launch of the PS5 will take place on November 19, 2020, worldwide. Some countries, including the United States, will get the new Sony console a week beforehand. The hardware costs (in regular retail) up to $499.