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PS5 DualSense Battery Life Will Last Upto 13 Hours, According To Review Reports

Today, the embargo on the PlayStation 5 hardware review was uplifted. Among other things, this offered the international media the opportunity to talk about the battery life of the DualSense controller.

In the past few days, the PlayStation Universe site had the opportunity to deal extensively with the PS5 hardware and various games. Since Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed several times in the past few months that the DualSense’s battery should last significantly longer than its PS4 counterpart, the question naturally arose as to how the DualSense’s battery life was ultimately going to last.


Based on internal practical tests, PlayStation Universe reports that the battery life of the DualSense ideally needs to be charged after twelve hours. Here, however, we are dealing with the optimal case, in which the controller is not required otherwise.

If, on the other hand, you play a title like Astro’s Playroom, which makes extensive use of features such as adaptive triggers or haptic feedback, then the battery life is noticeably reduced, according to the PSU editors. The bottom line is therefore that the runtime of the DualSense averages seven to ten hours in practice before the battery has to be charged.

At the same time, it was pointed out once again that games on the PS5 can benefit massively from the new possibilities of the DualSense controller if they are used appropriately. Above all, the adaptive triggers have the potential to deepen the game experience and connect you to the game on your screen in a whole new way.


PlayStation 5 will be released in Europe and worldwide on November 19, 2020, and will be delivered in two different versions. If you only get your games digitally anyway, you can use the digital edition. The digital model of the PS5 is delivered without an optical drive and at a price of $399. The classic PS5, on the other hand, can be purchased for $499.99.