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PS5 Digital Edition Price Leaked By Target; PlayStation 5 Release Date, Price, Pre-Order Reveal Scheduled Tonight – Analyst

It looks like that the PS5 Digital Edition price was accidentally leaked from the Target store, given that there are still some doubts raised about the validity of the news.

According to a leak by the American retailer Target, the price of PS5 Digital Edition may have been revealed, as can be seen in the image at the bottom of this article, which sets its price at $399. It is also rumored that the release date, confirmed price, and pre-order details of PlayStation 5 will be also announced tonight by Sony at 9:30 PM CEST, as per the analyst Roberto Serrano.


Therefore, it cannot be ruled out here that a huge retailer like Target is already in possession of this information and, thus, had leaked the price of the PS5 Digital Edition. It is not the first time in history that various retailers around the world leak these types of details in advance all the time.


In any case, the price of $399 had been already suggested online for PS5 in the past, and also in this case with the reference to the Digital Edition, therefore this leak might be only constituting a confirmation of the price.

The only detail that, however, suggests it a fake, as already mentioned by many users on social channels, is the term relating to the storage of PS5 Digital Edition which amounts to 2 TB. According to the value of the SSD, it is quite impossible to take into account a 2 TB console would be selling at such a cheap rate.

So, it might be possible that the screenshot below could be photoshopped, or it could be even possible that the price is legitimate but the storage data is wrong and a simple placeholder, we just have to wait for tonight to find out more.