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PS5 Demo Stations Getting Installed in UK Retail Stores

A photo was published on Twitter showing a special PS5 Demo Kiosk in one of the retail stores in the UK.

As we already know, PlayStation 5 is soon going to launch and it is slowly taking over global supermarkets. A Twitter user named IronCoreGame shared a photo of one of the first stationary points where it will be possible to test the next generation console of PS5. The zone is characterized by a futuristic style dominated by blue and white colors.


It is quite usual for specialized stores to set up demo stations for new products. But here, what is unusual is that they make a demo station for a product that has neither a release date nor price, and therefore cannot be reserved. What would be the point of letting stores display the console if they cannot offer the console as well?


The commentators have also reacted differently to the fact that a PS5 demo kiosk was created during the coronavirus epidemic. Some people say that it is too risky, taking into account the number of potential people using the area for testing it out.

In any case, the reality is that the PS5 demo stations starting to appear means that something is definitely moving at the Sony side on the market front and we are hoping that soon the Japanese company will open the pre-orders of the PS5, and also give us the price of the console.

We do not know the exact release date of the PS5 console yet, we only know that it will be released in this year-end.