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PS5 Backwards Compatibility, Cross-Gen Chat, Boost Mode, & More Leaked

In the source code of the official PlayStation site, some information about the PS5 features regarding the cross-gen chat, boost mode, game sharing, and backwards compatibility was discovered.


In addition, the information suggests that it will be possible to transfer the saved data between the PlayStation Plus Cloud and PS Now via Saved Data Management.

Let’s get straight to game sharing. It looks like PS5 game sharing works similarly to the PS4, with owners designating one console as their main console and all other accounts on the console being able to use their games. In the source code it says specifically related to PS Now games:

If the “Console Sharing and Offline Play” setting is enabled for your PS5, players aged 18+ who aren’t PS Now subscribers will be able to play PS Now games from the game’s shortcut icon (displayed on the PS5 home screen) as well as in the PS Now app.

Another point is the boost mode and the associated PS5 backwards compatibility. Sony points out in the description within the source code that not all functions of a PS4 game that is used on the PS5 may be available. The corresponding entries are:

  • Playing PS4 games on PS5, some functionalities available on PS4 may not be available.
  • This PS4 game isn’t supported with your PS5’s current system software. We’re continuing to make more PS4 games playable on PS5. Update your PS5, and then try playing the game.

The source code also states that a PS5 boost mode can be activated – probably for PS4 games that offer certain advantages on the PS5 but are not directly supported by the developer. The entry in the source text is:


  • PS5 boost mode enabled.

The entry on group chat, which will apparently work across generations, is also interesting. So it looks like the players will be able to communicate with each other regardless of which console they choose. The wording of the entry:

  • Message and voice chat with friends across PS4, PS5, and PlayStation App.

As mentioned at the beginning, the PS5 seems to offer the possibility to transfer saved data manually. PlayStation Now games were again cited as an example. However, it is not unlikely that the transfer from PS4 to PS5 will work in a similar way.

  • PlayStation Plus cloud saves can be transferred manually to PS Now, and vice versa, using the Saved Data Management functionality on PS5.
  • msgid_download_ps5: Download to PS5.


Further entries are dedicated to the functions of the DualSense controller and read in the original as follows:

  • “msgid_ps5_controller_trigger_effect”: “Trigger effect required”
  • “msgid_ps5_controller_vibration”: “Vibration function required”

The source code entries also indicate the following features:

  • Wishlists on PS5
  • Parties can include up to 100 people
  • Share video clips, albums, artists, playlists, tracks on PS5
  • You can start something called a “Takedown”
  • Change party names and images
  • PlayStation Store will show which games are on PS+, PS Now and the PS+ Collection

Even if all of the above information was discovered on the official PlayStation website, the formal announcement is still pending.

The PS5 will release in two editions on November 12 and November 19, 2020. The standard model costs $499. The digital edition costs $399. Buyers of the last-mentioned version have to do without the disk drive.