PS5 Owners Report Major Artifacting & Crashing Games on the Console

Some PS5 consoles apparently have a hardware problem that is causing strange artifacting on the screen and crashing games. Something similar was seen on the Xbox Series X.

During this November, the two new-gen consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X came on the market. It is not known how many units have been delivered so far. At least one thing is certain, however, that not all customers were given hardware without defects. This includes a problem that causes picture interference on the PS5.

Strange artifacts, stripes, and lightning bolts are displayed on the affected consoles in various games. New installations and similar support measures seem to be unsuccessful.

For example, an affected player wrote on Twitter: “Big issues with Witcher 3 on PS5 – Reinstall didn’t fix it and other cable/tv didn’t fix it either. Also having graphical problems with FIFA21 and the console is much louder than on review videos. Could this be a hardware (GPU) problem?”

In fact, it currently looks like some consoles are having technical issues related to the GPU. “I’ve seen reports of PS5 artifacting / crashing. This usually happens on PC when you overclock things. If you’re seeing this or green screens, you’ll need to return your PS5,” wrote Tom Warren of The Verge on the subject:

In another tweet, Warren followed up, pointing out that the problem is not limited to individual games. “This isn’t limited to a single game. It’s happening across different games and even older PS4 titles,” he said. Examples can be found on Twitter and Youtube.

It is not known how widespread the graphic disruptions shown are. It is true that the tweets that we have embedded at the bottom indicate that these are not isolated cases. Check the below tweets from different owners of PS5.