PS5 Will Have 664 GB Free Storage Space, According To A Leak

As it is already known, both models of the PS5 will be equipped with an 825GB SSD memory. But how much free storage space can you use? A recent leak could clarify this.

Even if the market launch of the PlayStation 5 is approaching with great strides, there are still some questions about the console itself. Among other things, it is still not yet known when Sony Interactive Entertainment will officially introduce the user interface of the PS5.

Some fuzzy snapshots, which are currently caught by the users of the Internet and published by a Russian user on the online platform of Reddit, provide fresh speculation. These show sections of the user interface and could reveal an interesting detail about the PS5’s SSD storage.

Conversely, the whole thing means that 664 GB of memory can be used by you for games and media. Since Sony Interactive Entertainment did not want to comment on the current rumors so far, these should of course be enjoyed with the necessary caution for the time being. After all, it is quite conceivable that we are dealing with simple fakes with the images in question.

As Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed in the official announcement of the PlayStation 5, you will have the opportunity to expand the SSD storage of the PS5. In contrast to Microsoft, the Japanese company does not rely on a proprietary solution, but will allow you to freely choose the SSD storage used.

The only condition: Due to the high speed of the PS5 SSD, the models used must be certified by Sony Interactive Entertainment beforehand. PlayStation 5 will be available from November 12 in the USA and Australia and on November 19, 2020 worldwide. While the classic model is available for $499, the digital edition costs $399.