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How To Move Games From PS4 To PS5?

Guide on transferring data from PS4 to PS5. Safely move all the games from the old console to new.

Planning to buy the new PS5 console? Then you will need all your old games. In this guide, you will learn step by step instructions on how to move all your games from old PS4 to new PS5 console. How to safely transfer all data from PS4 to PS5 and continue playing from where you have left your progress. It is possible to safely move all the data without losing all your game purchases.


How to safely move all PS4 data to PS5?

There multiple methods to transfer all games from your old PS4 to the new PS5. The first method is the fastest as it does require you to download the entire game.

Method 1 – Direct Transfer via Lan Cable

  1. Turn off both the consoles and connect them with a single Ethernet Cable.
  2. Turn on on the old PS4. Wait until any pending update is installed.
  3. Make sure your old PS4 console is connected to internet via wifi and you are signed in with your default PS4 account.
  4. Next, turn off the PS4, and do not remove the LAN cable. Let the PS5 & PS4 connected via a single LAN cable.
  5. Turn on the PS5 console, if you are turning it on for the first time then complete the basic setup.
  6. Select Language, setup internet, and install all updates.
  7. Go to Profile on PS5 screen and login with your PS Account. The same which you were using o PS4.
  8. After signing in you will see a screen Change to this PS4.
  9. Accept any notice, and select Transfer data from PS4.
  10. Power on PS4 and then select Next on PS5 screen.
  11. The console will scan for any connected PS4 console, and will display a message on the screen.
  12. Press the Power button PS4 to confirm data transfer.
  13. Message on the screen will change, select Next as we had already connected both the consoles with Lan cable.
  14. PS5 will display your PSN account id, select Ok.
  15. From the next screen pick the things you want to transfer. Like Applications, Saved Data, Settings and capture to transfer.
  16. Press Yes in the end to complete the process.

This is the first method where you can instantly move all your save data and other settings to the new PS5 console from PS4. This method is fast and easy, all you need is to buy a LAN cable that is easily available in hardware stores.

Method 2 – PS4 Game Disc


If you are having a collection of Game CD’s for PS4, then you will have to buy PS5 Standard Edition. PS5 Digital Edition does not have a disc player. On PS5 Standard Edition, just insert the disc and it will install the game. This is a second way to moving your games to the new console only if you are having physical copies of the game.

Method 3 – USB Hard Drive

If you are using an extended storage device like a USB HDD to play games on PS4 then just connect it directly to PS5. It will detect the installed games and you can play it without messing with the settings. PS5 will be able to identify and run the games from the extended drive. It is a fast way to run games instantly on the new console.

Method 4 – PSN Account

The last step is to use your PSN Account to get the games on your new console. All you need is login to PS5 and it will download all your game purchases. PS5 is a backward compatible console that runs all PS4 games. You just have to connect the console to a wifi connection and done. The only issue with this method is it will re-download each and everything back from scratch.


So these are four ways to transfer all your PS4 data to PS5. You can pick the one that fits your need. We recommend you use the LAN cable method which is the fastest one.