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Check Out These New Mind Blowing Tips And Tricks For The PS4

PS4 Hidden Treasures

Redditor u/RockyBalbubba sent the PlayStation subreddit into a meltdown yesterday after discovering a hidden secret, this opened the floodgates for what seemed like a treasure of unknown tips and tricks for PS4 owners.

The post titled “I’ve a had a PS4 for almost five years, I just now learned if you select a hidden trophy and press square it’ll tell you what the trophy is”, has over 27000 thousand comments with people commenting their finds and other reacting to it.


Another user by the username u/kingbankai in the same post stated: “if your controller is charging, the slower it pulses the closer it is to being fully charged.”

But maybe one of the most interesting comment was by u/Dark_Pump who said, “if you hit options after revealing [a hidden trophy] there’s a “search internet” button and that’ll take you to a web page filled with guides for the trophy.”

PS4 Hidden Cheats Summary:


  1. Select a Hidden Trophy and press Square to know the Trophies description.
  2. While charging the Game Controller if the light pulses slower then it close to fully charged.
  3. After revealing a Hidden Trophy press the Options button and select Search Internet button. It will take you to a web page with all guides filled with trophy info.

This is certainly huge and it makes you wonder even after having a PS4 for years now, people are still finding new things about the console, which is great as there may be so many hidden gems yet to discover.

Share if you have found any hidden gems and we will feature your comment in this post right here, let us know if you knew about these tips or are you just as amazed as us and finding them now.


Source: Gamesradar