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PlayStation Plus Games For August 2019 Revealed

Being a PlayStation Plus member not only lets you join up with your friends and play together but it also gives you a monthly selection of two games which are absolutely free.

The free games for the month of August have been revealed and they are WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4. These game will be available from 2nd of August until the 6th of September which gives you ample amount of time to complete these two.


WipEout Omega Collection will include games like WipeOut 2048, WipEout HD and Fury HD. These futurist space racer games have been around since the original PlayStation, and if you are a bit of the nostalgia fan, then this is the right moment to get your hands on this.

Sniper Elite 4 as the title suggests brings you behind enemies lines with a sniper at your hand and you have to carefully take down as many targets as you can. Though it sounds simple enough, once you get into the game it is where it starts surprising you.

You can get these games beginning on the 2nd of August and once downloaded will be in your collection as long as the subscription is still active.


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