Propnight Skin Codes (December 2023): Unlock New Outfits

Here's how to claim your free outfits with the help of secret Propnight Skin Codes.

Propnight is a 4v1 multiplayer prop hunt game with horror and survival mixed in the concept. You can play as a survivor where you can turn into a prop to hide from a savage killer. There are a few secret Propnight Skin Codes that you can use to unlock and get certain outfits for free and here’s a list of those and how to redeem them.

Secret Propnight Skin Codes to Unlock More Outfits

Here are the secret Propnight skin codes that you can use to unlock new skins and outfits.

  • 2022105761 – Redeem this code to get the Little Tigress Taiga Skin
  • 0312 – Redeem this code to get the Baseball Star outfit (Taiga)
  • 2356 – Redeem this code to get the Puppet outfit (Imposter)
  • 3011 – Redeem this code to get the Gamer Girl outfit (Kate)
  • 6641 – Redeem this code to get the Bear outfit (Igor)

When more codes are revealed by the developers, we will add them here. The ones mentioned above may expire at any time.

Expired Codes

  • Since the codes mentioned above are time-limited, they could expire soon. When that happens, we will surely add them to this list here for your reference.

How to Redeem Propnight Skin Codes to get More Skins?

how to get more new skins propnight

You can get more skins by following the simple redemption steps below.

  • Launch Propnight and head to the home screen.
  • Type the skin code WITHOUT using the Number pad.
  • This is how you can unlock new skins and use them in the game immediately.

How to Get New Codes?

For more codes to unlock skins and outfits, you can follow the developers on social media. Make sure to join their Discord community as well as follow them on Twitter. But if you are not on social media or don’t have time, you can check back here for more.

That’s everything about these secret codes. For more such codes, guides with tips and tricks as well as features, be sure to stay with Gamer Tweak!