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Roblox: Project XL Ability Tier List Wiki (March 2023)

Here's our Project XL Tier List with all the 36 abilities ranked.

Project XL is an anime-based Roblox game where you have different abilities to explore and use in this RPG adventure. With more than 35 different abilities, find the best ones might look hard at first, but we have arranged this Project XL Ability Tier List to make the process of finding the abilities that suit you, easier. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Project XL Ability Tier List (March 2023)

Project XL Tier List Ability

Here’s our Project XL Ability Tier List for 2021:

Abilities Tier
One For All: Prime S+ Tier
Eternal Horror Legendary Super Saiyan Broly S+ Tier
Umpire of Annihilation: Beerus S Tier
Warning From the Future: Goku Black S Tier
Explosive Super Elite Vegeta S- Tier
Ittoryu: Shusui S- Tier
Yami’s Dark Magic S- Tier
Diable Jambe A+ Tier
Immutable Fighter Super Vegeta A+ Tier
Magma Knight A+ Tier
Cremation A Tier
Electrification A Tier
Moku Moku no mi A Tier
The Trump Card Goku A Tier
Bolt Master B+ Tier
Ferocious Saiyan Prince Super Saiyan Vegeta B+ Tier
Determined Defender Goku B Tier
Goro Goro no mi B Tier
Kage Kage no mi B Tier
Pika Pika no mi B Tier
Yami Yami no mi B Tier
Gura Gura no mi C+ Tier
Magma Knight C+ Tier
Scorching Spear C+ Tier
Black Leg Style C Tier
Ittoryu: Wado Ichimonji C Tier
Mera Mera no mi C Tier
Shock Fist C Tier
Blaze D Tier
Blazing Knight D Tier
Burning Spear D Tier
Fire Breath D Tier
Purple Flare D Tier
Simon’s Dark Magic D Tier
Sleep Inducing Gas D Tier
Voice D Tier

That’s our Project XL Ability Tier List. Also, make sure to check out our updated Roblox Project XL Codes to redeem free rewards. Don’t forget to check out our dedicated section Tier Lists, to find articles like Project XL Devil Fruit Tier List.