Project Star All Stands Attributes List With Buffs, Debuffs, Rarity, & More

Here is the list of all the Stands Attributes in Project Star.

Our Project Star All Stand Attributes List will give you the names of all the Attribute you can get in the game. Project Star is the latest RPG game based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It is created by lmaginationBurst and 10_MinuteAdRevenue. There are tons of stands you can collect from the game, but getting one varies depending on the chance associated with them. So without further ado, let’s look at the complete list of Stands Attributes right away.

List of All Stands Attributes in Project Star Wiki 2021 September

Roblox Project Star All Stand Attributes List

Here is the list of all Stands Attributes in Project Star Wiki:

Stands Attributes Chance Speed Health Defense Damage
No Stand Attribute 40%

Project Star Speed Buff Attributes

Fast Stand Attribute  5% 2
Speedy Stand Attribute  1% 3.5
Supersonic Stand Attribute 0.20% 10

Project Star Health Buff

Healthy Stand Attribute 2% 15
Fit Stand Attribute  1% 2 25
Hearty Stand Attribute  0.50% 50

Project Star Defense Buff

Tough Stand Attribute  5% 15
Durable Stand Attribute  2% 20
Invincible Stand Attribute  0.50% 35

Project Star Damage Buff

Strong Stand Attribute  5% 1.1x
Powerful Stand Attribute  2% 1.25x

Project Star Best Damage & Defense Attributes

Heroic Stand Attribute  0.20% 15 15 1.5x
Legendary Stand Attribute 0.05% 25 50 2x
Godlike Stand Attribute  0.01% 50 125 3x

Project Star Worst Damage & Defense Debuff Attributes

Weak Stand Attribute  5% 1 5 0.9x
Coward Stand Attribute  2% 5 15 0.8x
Unfortunate Stand Attribute 1% 30 1.5x
Tragic Stand Attribute  0.10% 2 20 50 0.25x

How to Get, Store, and Remove Stands in Project Star?

In Project Star, you must locate new Stands spread around the main region, Cairo City. The likelihood of each stand spawning will be determined by the rarity values listed on this page, some of which are quite difficult to get. However, you’ll need to keep collecting arrows in order to come across more uncommon sorts of stands later on in the game.

You may also travel to Stand Storage near Pluck in Cairo city to store a Stand in Project Star. It’s also worth noting that you’ll be able to store up to three stands at a time. You’ll need to acquire the Gamepass if you wish to expand the storage capacity of your stand. By paying 1050 Robux, you can obtain two more stand slots. However, if you want to remove a stand, you’ll need Rokakaka. These items can be collected just the same as Stand Arrows in Cairo city.

That’s everything you need to know about all the Stands Attributes list in Project Star. While you are here, make sure to check out all the Project Star Private Server Codes we have for you. Also, find out if you get any freebies in our Project Star Codes Guide.