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Project Mugetsu PM Trello & Discord Links – Official

Here are the PM Trello and Discord links to help you get started with Project Mugetsu Roblox.

If you are on the lookout for Project Mugetsu Trello and Discord Links, then you are at the right spot. PM is the latest Roblox game to gain traction and popularity. A major reason is that it is based on the famous anime – Bleach. Since there are many players who are jumping into this new Roblox experience, there are several things to learn. Skillsets, controls, bosses, NPCs, maps, and currencies are some of them that players need to get familiar with. Don’t worry as the PM Trello Roblox link in this guide will surely ease your confusion.

Project Mugetsu Trello Link (PM Official)

trello link pm

The Trello board for PM will help you with general information, clans, locations for Karakura, Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, quests, items and much more. Since you want all of them in one place, check out the Project Mugetsu Trello link below:

The PM Trello board is not private so you won’t need to sign up or log in to view the board. You can check out all the different cards on the Trello board to get up to speed with PM Roblox. The game can be overwhelming at the start but your experience can be much easier if you get rewards. If you want some freebies to get a headstart in the game, then check out all the Project Mugetsu Gift Codes right here.

Project Mugetsu Discord Link

Even if you get freebies in PM Roblox, there are certain doubts which can come up while playing the game. These can be solved best while communicating with a group. If you want to discuss your doubts, then check out the PM Discord server link below:

You can now freely communicate with other like-minded Project Mugetsu players and clear your doubts. You will also learn of the latest updates, new codes, and more on this Discord server.

That’s all there is to know on Project Mugetsu Trello and Discord Links. We hope that this guide was of use to you. While you’re here, check out our PM section on Gamer Tweak for the latest guides on the game.