Prince of Persia Twitter Account Created by Ubisoft, Announcement Coming Soon?

It seems that Ubisoft could have created a new Twitter account for the Prince of Persia series, which may indicate that an announcement will be made soon. It is said that a new game or a remake will be announced at the Ubisoft Forward event in July 2020.

Instead of appearing at E3 2020, Ubisoft has announced that it will host its own event called Ubisoft Forward, scheduled to take place on July 12th. Although we currently don’t know about all the announcements that Ubisoft has in store for the event, this famous video game brand from the company now seems to be coming back.

Found by some Reddit users, the account has the username @PrinceOfPersia, and it is currently set to private, has no followers and does not follow other accounts.

The account still seems to be linked directly to Ubisoft, since if you try to log in as if you were the owner of this account and claim that you forgot your password, you will be presented with a recovery option that appears to be linked to a company email.

Although it is not possible to identify the entire email address, the domain has enough characters to compose the word “Ubisoft”, which could very well verify that this was an official action by Ubisoft to register the account. One can see this – “pr******************@u******.***”. So this could be “”.

Of course, all of this may just be a very well-crafted “bait” by a fan, but it’s not uncommon to see developers/publishers start setting up social media accounts before the launch of a new game. In any case, it is better to just wait for the official announcement from Ubisoft, but we are also very anxious for the return of Prince of Persia, after all, we haven’t seen a new game in the franchise for 10 years.