What The Preload & Unlock Times Are For Ghost Of Tsushima

Here's everything you need to know about the preload and unlock times of the highly-awaited game Ghost of Tsushima.

The Unlock and Preload times of Ghost of Tsushima are one of the most requested things online and people have been patiently waiting for Sucker Punch Studio’s next game which is just around the corner. If you are looking at this awesome Japanese samurai adventure you should know about the earliest time you can get the game.

What the Preload & Unlock Times Are For Ghost of Tsushima

As most of you know, Ghost of Tsushima is just around the corner with the game releasing on July 17th. The game looks like it is going to be a cinematic delight with tons of references to old Japanese cinema.

In Ghost of Tsushima, you play as a samurai and have to go up against the Mongols trying to take over the land. As the Ghost of Tsushima it is your responsibility to keep your land safe.

Ghost of Tsushima Preload Date

If you are looking to preload Ghost of Tsushima, you’re in luck because as of the 9th of July everyone can pre-order the game and have it preloaded on their PS4. If you are excited about Sucker Punch’s next great big adventure we highly recommend that you get the game and preload it so that you can play it as soon as the game is unlocked.

To preload the game, you will need to to the PlayStation Store and search for Ghost of Tsushima, from there you can purchase the title and begin downloading it.

Make sure that you have enough space on your PlayStation console for the game to be downloaded successfully and that there are no issues.

Ghost of Tsushima Unlock Date

Once Ghost of Tsushima is preloaded on PS4 console you will be able to join in the adventure as soon the game is unlocked which will be the 17th of July 2020. The amazing thing about this is the fact that you do not have to wait for other regions to catch up and you can begin early if the geography allows you.

We will be covering Ghost of Tsushima extensively so make sure that you check out GamerTweak as soon as Ghost of Tsushima is released and we will have tips, tricks, guides, and features right here.

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