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Pragmata Looks Like Kojima’s Death Stranding Set In Space

Pragmata is something that you would not understand and I don’t think you’re even supposed to with the small trailer that was released during the PlayStation 5. Pragmata shows a person in armor battling a satellite with a robotic child on his back.

The world of Pragmata looks eerily similar to that of Death Stranding and the game gives a vibe as if developed by Hideo Kojima himself.

While Pragmata is developed by Capcom, the release date of the game is set to 2022 and will be available for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

It looks like the game is set on the moon, except for this there isn’t much known about what is happening and what to expect until we get more information.

But it sure does look amazing and the ability to travel to the moon and back to earth will certainly one to look out for.

Pragmata hopefully isn’t just restricted to walking as this was the biggest complaint about Death Stranding, well Pragmata looks a bit different, and hopefully, this will be the start of something new like we’ve never seen before.

Capcom looks like it is up to something big with Progmata and we’re very excited at GamerTweak about Pragmata and we cannot wait for the release.

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