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PowerWash Simulator: How To Play Coop (Multiplayer Room Code)

Here's how to invite, add and join friends to play PowerWash Simulator Co-op Multiplayer with them.

Cleaning is fun especially when you do it with others! Here’s a guide that explains how to play multiplayer mode in PowerWash Simulator and how to join friends for coop with Room codes. You can play with 1 other player or up to 5 other players depending on the mode you choose.

How to Play Coop with Friends in PowerWash Simulator (Multiplayer Mode)

There are 3 coop modes available in the game right now.

  • Career Mode (Playable with 1-2 players)
  • Specials Mode (Playable with 1-6 players)
  • Free Play Mode (Playable with 1-6 players)

There’s one more mode called Challenge mode where you have to wash against the clock or a water limit, but there is no multiplayer here.

how to play coop PowerWash Simulator

How to Invite and Add Friends

how to join friends powerwash simulator

  • Start the game and choose a mode.
  • Next, turn Co-Op On.
  • You will see a list of your friends playing the game.
  • Click on Join to join their game.
  • After the short “connecting” progress bar, you should see a Continue button.

How to Enable Crossplay in PowerWash Simulator

how to turn on crossplay powerwash simulator

Remember that you can change from Friends only to Crossplay from the drop down menu next to the two people holding the powerwasher. This will allow PC and console players to join together and start cleaning.

How to Host Game in PowerWash Simulator Using Room Code

  • Players need to first activate crossplay coop multiplayer. Next, then need to click on Invite Friend which is the button at the extreme right side of the screen.
  • Now if you want to host a cross-platform play session, give the room code mentioned below to your friends on different platforms. With it, they can join your game.

How to Join Game

how to add invite join friends powerwash

  • If someone else is hosting, you need to first choose the mode and click on Join Player’s Co-Op game.
  • Now, you will see a new window where you can type their room code.
  • Once done, click on Join and you should now spawn into their game.

That’s all for this one. In case the game starts crashing on your PC, here’s what you can do to potentially fix it.