Super Mario Bros Wonder All Power-Ups List & How To Use Them

Here is the list of all the power-ups in SMB Wonder and what happens when you use them.

A Mario game would be incomplete without its powers, thankfully there are new and returning power-ups that you can use in Super Mario Bros Wonder. Not only do you have the classics like the Big Mushroom and Fire Flower but also new things like the Elephant power which turns Mario and crew into an elephant as seen in the trailers. Using them is the same as you did in the previous games, so here is a list of all power-ups and what they do.

How to Use Power-Ups in Super Mario Bros Wonder

How To Use Power-Ups In Super Mario Bros Wonder
Image Credits: Nintendo of America on YouTube

You simply need to touch the power-up that you want to use to get it. Depending on the power you get you can press the Y button to use it. So for example, if you get the fire flower, you can press Y to throw fireballs in front of you. Similarly, each power-up serves a different purpose.

Do remember power-ups are something you collect from a stage or carry over to another level. These aren’t meant to be confused with badges that work like passives and give your characters unique abilities like running faster, using your hat like a parachute, and more. All characters can use power-ups except for the Yoshis and Nabbit.

Here are all the power-ups in the game and what they do:

SMB Wonder All Power-Ups List

  • Big Mushroom: Use it to make your character bigger. They can take another hit before dying and can destroy blocks.
  • Fire Flower: You can press Y to make your character throw fireballs.
  • Super Star: Use this star to make your character invincible for a short duration.
  • Elephant Fruit: Turns your character into an elephant. You can press Y to use their trunks to break blocks and barrels and to water plants (when carrying water).
  • Bubble Flower: Make your character blow bubbles. Enemies caught in these bubbles die, you can even jump on them but they will burst after using them once.
  • Mushroom Drill: Your character gets a drill hat. You can use it to drill down and destroy various blocks. Drill up to stick to the ceiling and move around. Use the drill to kill the enemies.
  • Wonder Flower: This flower is very different from the ones you used so far. Or even in the series entirely. Instead of directly giving a certain power to your character it transforms the entire stage instead. Don’t worry it may even turn your character into something else, it all comes down to the stage you use it in.

That’s all for how you can use power-ups in Super Mario Bros Wonder and the list of them all in the game. If you need more help on this game then check out our SMB Wonder guides.