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The New Power Grab Mode Recon In Call of Duty Warzone

What is Power Grab Mode Recon In Call of Duty Warzone, its best strategies and rewards list.

Mode Recon: Power Grab in Call of Duty Warzone is the addition to the COD family in the May 2021 update. The game never fails to woo the players and you will get to know why when you find out what the Call Of Duty Warzone Power Grab has to offer through this article.

How to Play the Mode Recon: Power Grab in Call of Duty Warzone?


Power Grab Warzone

The main goal of Power Grab is to be the last squad standing. This being said, there are two aspects of the game that the players would want to know:

Unlike Verdansk’s Battle Royale match, the safe area at the start of the Power Grab in Warzone is smaller. This will keep the players on their toes and alert since this small space and a higher chance of running into enemy squad much earlier than expected. With respect to the circle collapse, there are only 5 stages. These factors make the game faster, quicker and more power-packed than it already is.


Gulag is absent in Power Grab Warzone. You cannot revive your teammates after death due to its absence. However, there are Buy Stations where you can bring your squads back to life. Alternatively, the game will also let you collect Dog Tags. If you have three of these dog tags, you will acquire a personal Respawn Token that you can use to revive yourself in the match.

How to Collect Dog Tags in Power Grab?

A sure-shot way to collect the Dog Tags in Power Grab Warzone by killing your way through the enemy Operators. Every enemy that you take down will earn you a Dog Tag Drop. You can also complete in-game Contracts to earn the Tags. Also, keep checking all the supply chests. In rare cases, they will have Dog Tags that you can collect. These Tags will help you get rewards. There is a list of these rewards that you can see on the right side of your HUD. You can gain these rewards in Power Grab Warzone one by one in this particular order:


1. UAV
2. Heavy Weapon Crate
3. Respawn Token
4. Cluster Strike
5. Armor Satchel
6. Advanced Gas Mask
7. Precision Airstrike
8. Specialist Bonus
9. Advanced UAV

Best Strategy for Power Grab in Warzone

Warzone Mode Recon


The best way you can go about in Power Grab for Warzone is to not waste any time and jump right into the action. Instead of waiting it out and scouting, go right into the battle and have a complete attack approach. Since the initial area is smaller than before, you will be head-on in the battle and will take little to no time for your first enemy squad encounter.
Develop a communication strategy within your squadmates to strategically take down the enemies. Instead of running around with no direction and planning, it will be in your favor to have one in the power grab warzone so that you can perfectly utilize the given time. Divide and rule is the best plan to have here as the game offers Cluster Strike and Precision Airstrike options. This will lead to a complete squad wipeout if everyone is at the same location.

General Tips and Tricks for This Mode Recon

Though we stress the importance of being on your toes in Power Grab Warzone, do hang around after you take down an enemy. There are high chances you will get a Dog Tag drop which will be worth the risk. Once you acquire three of these, you can earn a Respawn token which will help you revive.

Save the best for the last. The rewards that you earn can be dropped by you for your squadmates to use. Share the rewards and use the best ones at the end of power grab warzone when everything is under pressure. The more rewards shared among the squad, the better are your chances to take advantage of the situation and take the enemy down faster.

So that is all there is to it for Mode Recon: Power Grab in Call of Duty: Warzone. If you would like to know about the no lag VPN in Warzone, do check out our article on that too.