Genshin Impact Port Ormos Aranara Locations

Check out the list of all the Port Ormos Aranara's Locations in Genshin Impact.

As we know that players are required to find all the Aranara to unlock the 15 chests in Vanarana. However many players are struggling to track down the Port Ormos Aranara locations in Genshin Impact. As it’s the largest port in Sumeru it might get tricky to find them. But don’t worry, we’ve mentioned all the locations in the article down below.

Where to Find Port Ormos Aranara in Genshin Impact (All Locations)

 Port Ormos Aranara Locations in Genshin Impact

Players will find 4 types of Aranara near Port Ormos in Genshin Impact.

  1. Reckless Aranara
  2. Confused Aranara
  3. Material Collecting Aranara
  4. Aragita

As the port is a Subrea in Ardavi Valley the first thing you’ll need to do is teleport to the nearest waypoint of the Valley. After that go through the map that we’ve provided for your reference and you’ll find the Aranara’s in no time.

Reckless Aranara – Port Ormos Location in Genshin Impact

We’ve marked the location of Reckless Aranara on the map. So simply go there and head down to the mountains located to the East of Port Ormos. Explore the area and you’ll see the Aranara, but to interact with the spirit, you’ll first need to Defeat the Hilichurls.

Confused Aranara

In order to find Confused Aranara, the player will need first reach the marked location on the map. And then climb the biggest branch in Port Ormos all the way up. After you’ve reached the top of the branch, look for the Aranara. And once you spot it apply Dendro to interact with the spirit.

Material Collecting Aranara

After reaching the location the player will have to go to the hill located on the West of Port Ormos. And once you’ve successfully located the Material Collecting Aranara give it 1 Viparyas & 1 Padisarah.


Players can find Aragita on the same hill they located Material Collecting Aranara. After finding it, the spirit will ask the player to play a mini puzzle game. In this mini-game, you’ll simply have to guess & destroy the right box with piles of leaves in it. And you’ll be all set to go.

These are all the Port Ormos Aranara locations in Genshin Impact. While you’re here take a look at how to solve the “Seems like this Chest cannot be opened yet ” issue.