How to Get The Polo Grounds in MLB The Show 21?

In this guide, we discuss the manner in which you can unlock the iconic Polo Grounds on MLB The Show 21.

If you’re a big fan of MLB The Show 21, chances are you’re really eager to get your game on at the iconic Polo Grounds. The game originally saw its release on April 16th, 2021, and was then available on the 20th of April for the Xbox and PS consoles. PC users sadly won’t be able to play this on their systems despite the game being available for play on Xbox Game Pass. However, for those on Playstation and Xbox consoles still wondering about laying their hands on the Polo Grounds, here’s a quick and easy guide outlining all you need to do in order to unlock it on MLB The Show 21.

How to Unlock and Get The Polo Grounds in MLB The Show 21?

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To get and unlock the Polo Grounds in the game for Dynasty Mode or for other online and exhibition matches you just need to keep unlocking Diamond stadiums in-game. You’ll get the Polo Grounds only once all of the classic stadiums are part of your collection. Note that it really takes some effort and patience when it comes to finding all ways to unlock them.  The price for each which ranges between 700 to 1200 stubbs can only be pulled from packs or purchased from the in-game market. So it’s best to probably make use of all the sources of Stubb income you can. Alternatively, simply just grind through the moments and other matches putting on decent innings performances. These will eventually earn you enough Stubbs to unlock all classic stadiums. After grinding and finally unlocking all diamond stadiums, The Polo Grounds will be yours!

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