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Pole Jumping For Red Coins In Super Mario 64: How To Do It

Red Coins can be farmed by Pole Jumping In Mario 64 near Bowser's submarine. Here's how you can pole jump to get red coins in Mario 64

Pole Jumping for red coins in Super Mario 64 is one of the most patience-testing and toughest missions that only Satan could come up with. You will need to be precise and plan your jumps beforehand. If you’re having trouble, this guide will show you exactly how you can do that in Super Mario 64.


How To Pole Jump For Red Coins In Super Mario 64

Well, you will need to go all the way back to where you found Bowser’s submarine in Super Mario 64. From that point, go underwater all the way straight down, head north and here you will find a small cave entrance highlighted by a ring of coins to tell you where to go.

Continue on this path up until you have to come up for air and when you breach the surface you will find large yellow arrows on the wall insisting you go underwater.

Follow the arrows through an underground tunnel and you will get to the place where the submarine used to be.

From here you will need to swim to the opposite wall and you will find plenty of ledges with ! block on them. Nearby there will be a purple switch, climb on the ledge next to it.

Hit the purple switch and it will create two sets of steps for you that lead towards the higher platform. Use the set of steps that are furthest away from you and get to the top platform.


Here you will find the first red coin on the platform, there will be moving poles you should jump for the pole that moves left from your platform and ride it collect three red coins, and come back to the same platform.

Now, get on the other pole and use it to get to the other platform, which has two poles moving away from it. Jump on to the pole on the left and on to another which will take you towards the fifth red coin.

After collecting all the 5 red coins, make you way back to the second platform here you will be able to grab onto the pole and ride it towards the back of the room. Make sure to time your jump perfectly to make it to the other pole to get the final coins.

This is all there is to know about how to pole jump for red coins in Mario 64 if you’re having trouble with Mario 64 you should check out more guides about Mario 64 right here.