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Pokken Tournament DX Tier List (2023)

Not sure which Pokemon to use in Pokken Tournament DX? Check out this Tier List to find out the best Pokemon.

Looking for a Tier List of the best Pokemon to use in Pokken Tournament DX? You are not alone. This is a fighting game where you can fight using some of your favorite Pokemon. And no, unlike the RPG games from the main series, the fights here are not turn-based. And this game has 23 Pokemon for you to choose from but not all of them are the best. So let us quickly check this Tier List for Pokken Tournament DX.

Pokken Tournament DX Tier List – Ranking Pokemon from Best to Worst

pokken tournament dx tier list

Pokemon Tier
Sceptile S Tier
Lucario S Tier
Aegislash S Tier
Mewtwo S Tier
Pikachu S Tier
Decidueye S Tier
Garchomp A Tier
Braixen A Tier
Weavile A Tier
Shadow Mewtwo A Tier
Pikachu Libre A Tier
Chandelure A Tier
Suicune A Tier
Charizard B Tier
Scizor B Tier
Blaziken B Tier
Empoleon B Tier
Machamp B Tier
Gardevoir C Tier
Darkrai C Tier
Gengar C Tier
Croagunk D Tier
Blastoise D Tier

The S Tier Pokemon are well balanced and you should be able to win most fights with them especially after mastering these Pokemon. The Pokemon in A Tier are also good and quite close to the S Tier Pokemon on this list. B Tier Pokemon are okay. As for C and D Tier Pokemon, it is best if you avoid using them.

But, these are my picks for the best Pokemon to use in Pokken Tournament DX. You might be accustomed to playing with a particular Pokemon and must even have a favorite. And with enough mastery you could even defeat some of the ones placed on S or A Tier with it. Thus you might feel some of them are placed in the wrong tiers. But that is fine as long as you still have fun playing the game.

That covers this Tier List of the best Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX. If you found this list to be of any use then also check out our other Tier Lists. And for more things gaming check out Gamer Tweak.