Pokémon Unite Free-To-Start MOBA Announced for Nintendo Switch, Mobile

The Pokémon Company announced a new game called Pokémon Unite during the Pokémon Presents livestream. The game is developed by Tencent Games and TiMi Studios in cooperation with The Pokémon Company and will be released on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Pokémon Unite is the new title of the iconic Japanese franchise. The game will be released for free for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch and consists of real-time 5 vs. 5 online battles in the Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) style – like League of Legends and Dota 2.

The game was presented today by the Pokémon Company. The game is a partnership between the company and the Chinese giant Tencent.

Pokémon Unite consists of five player online battles against five. Each player can choose a Pokémon and gain levels by defeating wild monsters scattered across the map, learning new powers (including unique Pokémon Unite moves), and evolving their Pokémon according to the progress of the game.

The objective of the game is to earn more points than the opponents – and to get the points, it is necessary to enter the scoring zones of the enemy team.

Pokémon Unite release date is still not revealed, but it will be free-to-play and with cross-platform enabled between Nintendo Switch and mobile phones. You can watch the first trailer of the title below:

In Pokémon Unite a new kind of Pokémon battles will be introduced which requires teamwork and strategy. The game is supposed to be easy to learn, but has many subtleties to discover.

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