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Pokemon: Twilight Wings A 7 Episode Animated Series Releasing in Jan

Explore the life of Residents of Galar Region

Players of Pokemon Sword and Shield are familiar with the Galar region, a virtual world where trainers hunt down new Pokemons and progress becoming the best Pokemon catcher in the world. Galar is big but you cannot dive deeper into the lives of residents in the game, so here is amazing info coming up on a seven episode animated series releasing on Jan 15, 2020. Called as Pokemon Twilight Wings, a series will take you to a new Pokemon adventure exploring life of residents of Galar Region.

Pokemon Twilight Wings is an animated story divided into 7 episodes which is different from Pokemon the Series. Set in Galar Region over different episodes, you an dive into the dreams of local residents, become a part of reality they faces and witness the challenges they have to overcome fighting conflicts.


Pokemon Twilight Wings will also showcase various Pokemon that are originally discovered in the Galary Region. Each episode of Pokemon Twilight Wings last for 5 minutes, Studio Colorido is the studio become animation.

First Episode of Pokemon Twilight Wings is expected to release on Jan 15, 2020 on Pokemon Youtube channel.