Pokemon Sword and Shield Which Is The Best Starting Pokemon

Selecting a starter Pokemon is always puzzling, especially if you are getting into Pokemon Sword and Shield. They’re all adorable and depending on your choice you can have a massive influence early on in the game. This guide will show you who should you pick as a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Who To Pick As A Starter Pokemon In Pokemon Sword and Shield

Although, all three of Sobble, Grookey, and Scorbunny are great and there is no clear best among the three Pokemon but there is still a significant advantage depending on which one you choose.

Galar is a special and mystical place, and you will come across a ton of Pokemon but when you start out you are handed these three and must select one.

Each Pokemon has their own advantages and disadvantages and if you know these things it will make things easier for you to progress.

Here are the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield


Type: Grass
Best nature for Grookey: Adamant
Official description: “It’s soothing – like a nice, long walk in the woods.”

Grookey is a great Grass-type Pokemon and will use the stick he possesses to beat his opponents down. It should be noted that for the first Gym Challenge you face, the Pokemon Gym Leader Milo uses Grass Types Pokemon.

This means that you will need to accompany Grrokey with a Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, and Bug Type. Grookey will, however, be highly effective against the second Gym Leader Nessa who uses Water-type Pokemon.



Type: Fire
Best nature for Scorbunny: Jolly
Official description: “It’s filled to bursting with fiery passion!”

Scorbunny looks like a bunny but happily on fire and this pretty much describes the character of the Pokemon. This Fire-type Pokemon by nature is great against Grass Types which means that you will have no problems whatsoever against Milo, the First Gym Leader but you will struggle against Nessa for sure.



Type: Water
Best nature for Sobble: Timid
Official description: “It adapts to anything, as surely as water flows.”

Sobble literally looks like a water drop, Sobble is great at learning moves from other types which makes it a big asset. You will struggle in the first two Gym Leaders but you should dominate against the third Gym Leader.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Scorbunny evolutions



Pokemon Sword and Shield Sobble evolutions



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Pokemon Sword and Shield Sobble evolutions






This is all there is to know about which Pokemon you should select when starting out in Pokemon Sword and Shield.