Pokémon Smile AR Game Announced for Android & iOS

Pokémon Smile is a mobile app that helps parents make tooth brushing a fun activity for children. It requires parents to install it on their mobile phones and place it next to the sink so that their children can complete activities while brushing their teeth. The Pokémon Company launches this free app for Android and iPhone mobiles directly.

Pokémon Smile turns a grim tooth brushing into an adventurous experience, as you can grab a variety of pocket monsters while you’re tinkering – familiar from the Pokémon world, of course. With gaming, the goal is to make every moment of stress a pleasant experience for the child (and why not for the adult as well).

The title offers an aspect of the pokémon never seen before. Simpler, even more chibi and more colorful. On the screen, you can see the shape of the mouth marking the area where you have to brush to complete the mission. Completing the task is necessary to capture more than 100 pokemon that have been registered in the app.

The second part of the application is to decorate the screen. The child will also unlock accessories as they maintain their daily oral hygiene and can then equip them in the image in real-time or apply them as stickers in photos they take. The result is seen in the screenshots added at the top of this news and in the video below.

Pokémon Smile can be downloaded from iOS and Android mobiles completely free of charge.