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Pokemon Is Partnering Up With Tencent To Develop Another Mobile Game

Pokemon seems to be on a roll as news just broke out that they are developing yet another game, this time Pokemon are partnering up with TiMi Group, which is owned by Tencent.


This new game will be mobile-based and looking at the work Tencent has done in the past with PUBG Mobile it will certainly be one to look out for.

The details are slim as of yet, but we’re hopeful that much will be revealed in the coming weeks as to what this new mobile-based game will be about.

Pokemon Go developed by Niantic has been a hit so far after having initial problems. There is yet another mobile-based game by Pokemon in the works which will let players fight off against popular Gym trainers of different regions.

We’re not sure what this game will have to offer but we certainly cannot wait to hear more about it.

Pokemon Go has earned more than 2.3 Billion dollars since the time it was launched, which shows a clear demand in mobile-based game, with Pokemon being one of the most recognized and marketable brands in the world.

We’ll keep updating on this as and when there is new information available, till then check out other news and guides at gamertweak



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