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Pokemon Go Update Spawns New Ice Type Pokemon

Pokemon Go’s new holiday event is up live, this new event will have brand new Gen 5 Pokemon spawn for the first time, here’s your chance to catch Ice-type Pokémon like Sneasel, Deliberd, and Snorunt.

This new December event is as expected winter-themed, but what it brings to us are new Pokemon and the first time ever opportunity to catch Cubchoo. Cubchoo is a polar bear cub like Pokemon.


You can also get Beartic and Cryogonal but these will be a bit harder to catch as opposed to the others, make sure that you hang around the Glacier Lures to have the most chances of getting these rare Pokemon.

This new event will run until January 1, 2020, so this still gives you a couple of days to go out and get what these Pokemon. Other than this there are new exclusive Field Research tasks to complete too.

Pokemon Go players can now hatch Alolan forms of Vulpix and Sandshrew with 7km eggs. So if you have been waiting for this opportunity, now seems like the best time to go out and hatch those eggs.


Niantic has announced that they will bring a new buddy feature out in 2020 which should see a spike in Pokemon Go’s user base once again and the next Community day is on January 19 so make sure that you get in the game on that day.

Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic and is available for iOS and Android Devices.