How To Get UNIQLO Clothes In Pokemon Go That You Can Wear Yourself?

Now you can go on Pokemon Adventures too

Japanese casual wear designer and manufacturer, UNIQLO has tied up with Niantic to bring custom wear clothes in Style Shop for your trainer. Niantic is taking gaming to another level by collaborating with brands to entail a unique experience for all its gamers.

Currently, our Pokemon Trainer Avatars wear randomly customized outfits that are purely developed by the game. At any point in the game, you can buy outfits as add-ons and make your trainer look as appealing as you wish.

But there are times when we are so intimidated by the Pokemon Universe that we wish to be a part of it. Well, Niantic has tried to take you as close to your dream as one can, by introducing this concept of brand encouragement.


How to get UNIQLO clothes for your trainer in Pokemon go?

On May 18th, 2020, Niantic introduced three custom-made Pokemon inscribed T-shirts from UNIQLO in the Style Shop of the game. There are 3 outfits to choose from –

  • Space grey t-shirt with a Pikachu vector having a yellow-colored tail in the center
  • Purple colored t-shirt with a Ditto on the left chest
  • Grey colored t-shirt with an Eevee having an ochre tail in the center

But that’s not it! There are 2 other surprises for you in-store (not the pokemon Go Store though). Firstly, these outfits can be equipped for your trainer for absolutely no cost. Your avatar gets to wear them for free.

Do you still yearn for life, like your Pokemon trainer? Well, Niantic has you covered. Along with the in-game store, you can buy the actual look-alikes of these t-shirts from UNIQLO’s online stores. You can then proudly flaunt your Pokemon trainer t-shirts when you go out to battle at the gyms or bag some pokemon.