Pokemon Go Set To Bring Back Legendary Lunch Hour Featuring Original Form Giratina

Gotta Catch Em All

Following last month’s first Legendary Lunch Hour which experimented by letting players get more opportunities to challenge Raid Battles with colleagues and friends is set to make a comeback this month on the 10th of April 2019.

Just like last time, the event will begin at 12 and will last exactly one hour. This event will feature 5-star Raids which will have the pokemon Giratina in its original form.

The original form differs from the one that is in the game currently, this new serpent type pokemon is more attack-oriented which will give players a huge boost while using this pokemon in battles.

Niantic previously revealed that they wish to convert this Legendary Lunch Hour into a weekly event, but for the time being they are quite satisfied with how things are going so far.

Niantic released a statement on the Pokemon Go website saying, “We understand that not every Trainer can participate in every event, but these tests are the first step in creating more events focused on different play styles.”

Meanwhile, there is another event going on in Pokemon Go titled Bug Out which features bug pokemon and the chances of encountering them out in the wild are more, this event will last till April 9th, 2019. So hurry out and start collecting these pesky bug type pokemon on your quest to become the very best Pokemon master.

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