Pokemon Go Community Day For June Has Been Announced

After a successful community day in May by Pokemon Go, Niantic has already revealed that they will host another Community Day on the 8th of June. This new Community Day will feature a new fan-favorite Pokemon named Slakoth.

This adorable Pokemon will spawn frequently during the event giving you ample chances of being able to catch it, and stock up on its candy. More than that you will also have the benefit of using your Lure modules for three hours as opposed to the 30 minutes limit that they will have. Eggs will also need only about a quarter of the distance required to hatch which will certainly see a lot of new Pokemon being hatched on that day.

Regarding Slakoth, you can also get your hands on the shiny version of the Pokemon on that day and if you’re lucky you can evolve your Slakoth into Slaking and learn a new event-exclusive move, the details on this haven’t been revealed yet though.

The event will last up to three hours from 3 to 6 PM local time, you can also check out more on their website which will give you additional details.

Pokemon Go has been a resurgence of late and a lot of players who had once abandoned the game have picked it up again, the developers at Niantic seem to have rectified their mistakes and are pushing as many events and attractive incentives for players to be able to catch Pokemon.

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