How To Find And Catch Emolga In Pokemon Go (Unova Week)

If you want to know how to find and catch Emolga in Pokemon Go during Unova Week, this guide will help you out.

In Unova Week, players can get Pokemon from the 5th generation into Pokemon Go. This event is live right now and Emolga is one of the Pokemon you can find and catch until August 21 (4 pm). If you want to know how to catch this flying, electric squirrel-like Pokemon that is cute and fierce, you can refer to this quick guide on how to find and catch Emolga in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go: How to Find and Catch Emolga

Before diving into more information, know that the Emolga is an extremely rare Pokemon and there is no sure-shot way of finding it. But these are some of the ways you can increase your chances of getting an Emolga encounter in Unova Week.

One way is to have active incense. You can also hatch it from a 7 km egg. You can get these eggs from friends as gifts but Emolga is not the only Pokemon that might come out of it. There can be a Cottonee, Sewaddle, Woobat, Pidove, Minccino or Darumaka too.

Even doing the above things will not guarantee that you will find an Emolga in Pokemon Go during Unova Week. Since it is just a cute creature and not a powerful Pokemon (it doesn’t evolve too), it is completely fine if you don’t catch it. It is entirely luck based so don’t worry too much. But if you really want it, follow the above strategies to improve your odds.

This is basically how you can get an Emolga encounter in Pokemon Go during Unova Week. Stay with Gamer Tweak for more such Pokemon Go guides that will give you quick solutions to your questions. Plus, don’t forget to check out Pokemon Go promo codes that will give you some amazing and free rewards. More exciting stuff awaits you so just head over to the link and have fun.