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Pokemon Go Brings A New Appraisal System In The Upcoming Update

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Pokemon Go’s Appraisal system is about to get a new look, the new system which has been leaked ahead of the official release makes it easier to check up on the stats of the Pokemon.

This new system will cut out the unnecessary steps it still requires to check up on a Pokemon to get a gist of its IV which resembles how much power the Pokemon has, and is also a good indicator as to which Pokemon to evolve and which to trade for candies.


The new appraisal system will have three bars which will notify the Attack, Stamina, and Defense of your chosen Pokémon. The new system will also make it easy to switch from one Pokemon to the other to check IV’s of multiple Pokemon.

The Silph Road, is a community dedicated to research about Pokemon Go leaked these new details ahead of the official announcement, it is nice to know that the developers Niantic have finally started to listen to the community.


Check out the tweet which explains in a brief how this new system will work and basically change the way you have been playing the game. It makes it so much more convienient than before.

It is reported that the new appraisal system will be included in the version 0.149.0, which will soon be rolling out for everyone.


What are your thoughts about this, and do you think this should’ve happened sooner?