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Pokemon Go Battle Tips – Complete Guide How to Win, Rewards and Ranks

Here are some pro tips

Looking for tips to get started with the Pokemon Go Battle? Here are some of the top strategies and advice you can follow to take part in the Pokemon Go Battle. In this Pokemon Go Battle Tips guide, you can learn about various aspects of PvP battles. With evolving Trainer Battles, now players can compete with each other in a single field. So here are some of the latest Pokemon Go Battle Tips that will teach you about how to use charged attacks in the game. Which Pokemon is good to power up and how to build a winning team? Everything in this Pokemon Go guide will explain your fundamentals of Pokemon Go battles to craft a winning strategy.

When you start Pokemon Go Battle you will fight with any Trainer in a nearby radius. And if you are looking for more challenges then you can also compete with your friends or Ultra. In this Pokemon Go Battle Tips guide, you can learn how everything works here. What are the rewards you can earn by winning the Pokemon Go battles?

Pokemon Go Battle Tips & Tricks

As a trainer, you can take part three times every day in Pokemon Go Battle Tips. You can complete with an AI Team Leader once in a day in Pokemon Go battle. Rewards include rare loot whether you win or lose you can simply grab some of the coolest things after the match. So there is something for everyone, as per the official blog rare items like Sinnon Stone are also rewarded at the end of Pokemon Go Battle. This can be used to evolve many Pokemons. Pokemon Go Battles are one of the best ways to collect powerful Pokemons and fill your Pokedex. So let’s begin with some of the latest and tops Pokemon Go Battle Tips for 2020.

How to teach your Pokemon Second Charge Attack in Pokemon Go Battle?

Second Charge Attack is a very important aspect of Pokemon Go Battle and every trailer is looking to unleash it first. This is a highly helpful tactic in the game. Second Charge Attack is an extra attack in the game, but there is a price to pay. So do not use it if it is not required. Each Pokemon in Pokemon Go Battle has two Charged Moves. The first one is free and second can be unlocked by paying through Stardust and Candy.

You can begin with Pokemons that are well based on battle types. The good thing about Trainer Battles in Pokemon Go is that you get to use two Charged attacks here. Every Pokemon has two charged attacks so in total you will have six. In a team of three Pokemon, you can compete against the world. The choice of Pokemons in Pokemon Go Battle is necessary. For example, there are few Pokemons in the game that will gain some benefit from Second Charged Attack. Also if the Pokemons matches with opponent Pokemons then you can inflict higher damage.

How to Start Pokemon Go Battle?

From Pokemon Go main screen look on the bottom right corner of the main screen. You will see a Tracker, tap on that to start Trainer Battle. Go to the Battle Tab and you will see a QR code. Share this code with your friend to battle with them. You can also battle your Ultra and Best friends around the world, just share this unique QR code with them.

After starting the battle in Pokemon Go you the next thing to do is choose a league from the list of three. Leagues in the Pokemon Go battle are divided based on CP’s. Below is the list of leagues in the Pokemon Go Battle. You can add up-to only three Pokemons in the fight.

  • Great League -1500 CP or less
  • Ultra League – 2500 CP or less
  • Master League – Unlimited CP

Pokemon Go Battle Tips – How to win?

If you can understand how Pokemon Go Battle works then it will be easier for you to deal with the opponents. Once the fight starts to use your Fast Moves. With the use of every Fast Move, the Charge Move meter will fill up.

  • Every Pokemon is allowed to use 2 charged moves. The second one is paid, you can unlock it by paying Stardust and Candy.
  • Use Protect Shield instead of dodging an attack.
  • Attacking Pokemon can tap continuously to Power Up the Move, while the defending Pokemon can choose to use Protect Shield to block the attack.
  • As a Trainer in the game, you cannot see Charged Move from opponents, neither they can see your moves in the Pokemon Go battle.
  • Protect Shield can make the damaging impact to 0, so you can use it as a strong defense against charge move. But there is a limited number of Protect Shield in Pokemon Go.
  • The game will pause for 3 seconds after initiating a charge move and then the Pokemon releases the attack.

What are the rewards unlocked in Pokemon Go Battles?

Pokemon Go battle consists of a fight between three Pokemons. Trainer who knocks down the first three Pokemons first becomes the winner of the battle. But if both the teams are competing well and Pokemon Go battle time is over then the team with highest HP wins the game. A Pokemon Go battle match is about 4 minutes long.

  • Rank 1 to 6 Rewards: Snorlax, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Machop
  • Ranks 4 to 6 Rewards: Scraggy, Meditite, Skarmory, Snorlax, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Machop
  • Ranks 7 to 10 Rewards: Lapras, Larvitar, Shieldon, Deino, Litwick, Scraggy, Meditite, Skarmory, Snorlax, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Machop

The good thing about Pokemon Go Battle is that a player from both sides gets rewards. Winner will get some good rewards, which include Stardust, Rare Candy and Sinnoh Stone. These rewards are only available three times a day. A loser also does not go empty-handed.

How to choose the best Pokemons for Pokemon Go Battle?

It is important to check out your Pokemons before you choose to use the Pokemon Go battle. Some of them will lose faster due to their low damage resistance. Here watch the Pokemon Stats properly and find out which one fits best which can inflict a good amount of damage on the opponent team, allowing you success faster in the limited-time event. Here taking less damage is one of the top advice you can consider to win Pokemon Go battles.

Here is a tip from Pokemon.com on choosing Pokemons:

Pokémon like Metagross that are strong offensively and defensively are especially prized in Trainer Battles, while specialists like Gengar may be a little trickier to use. Conversely, stout Pokémon that can contribute offensively, such as Blastoise, Meganium, Lugia, and Cresselia, will perform much better against other players than they do in Raid Battles because they’ll get enough time to benefit from their defensive prowess.

How to build a strong team in Pokemon Go Battle?

Pokemon Go Battle is a ground for six players, a team of three each fighting with each other. So here it is quite important to build a team that can stay longer in the game, beat opponent Pokemon faster and standstill last. Winner will only yield better rewards that will allow them to earn Stardust, evolve Pokemons, etc. Pokemon Go Battle is all about taking benefit from the opponent’s weakness. So you can choose Pokemons that can stand well with most of the Pokemon in the game. Knowing their weakness is an important thing to consider.

One of the best things you can do is pick Pokemons which can simply cover up each other’s weaknesses. You can also choose a single type of Pokemons, but it is good to go with variety. For example, choosing a trio of Fire, Water and Grass will give you all the options in the game. So here avoid adding Pokemons with common weaknesses in Pokemon Go Battle.

Using Protect Shield against Charged Attacks – Pokemon Go Battle Tips

Protect Shield, Charged Attacks and Switching are three primary aspects of the Pokemon Go Battle. Using these three things effectively alone is enough to make your winner in the game. So building a good team is just half work done. You will have a limited number of Charged Attacks as well as limited Protect Shields. The way you utilize both will have a direct impact on the result.

Protect Shields in Pokemon Go battle can block opponent’s Charged Attacks, so this is the best defensive move against Charged Attacks in the game. Because of its limitation, it is necessary to wisely use Protect Shields. If your Pokemon still survives after a Charged Attack then you don’t need to use Protect Shield, you can keep safe for the next round. Also if your Pokemon is strong enough to cause high damage and defeat the opponent’s team then use Protect Shield to defend the Pokemon at all cost. You will hate to lose your best player.

Now there is a trick, how can you make your opponent use Protect Shield so that once it is over you get more window to attack. What you can do is line up multiple Charged Attacks for this at the start. This will cause a high amount of damage. It is necessary to figure out that the opponent’s Pokemon must not be strong enough to resist the Charged Attack. You can inflict high damage in less time creating bigger chances of winning.

The last and final aspect you will be using frequently in Pokemon Go is Switching. How does Switching can help you to win battles in Pokemon Go? Well, Switching can help you to avoid the usage of Protect Shield.

Check our Pokemon stats, if it is stronger than one you are facing you don’t have to fear. But if the opponent’s Pokemon can resist your attacks it is time to switch it.

It is necessary to smartly utilize all three important aspects Protect Shield, Charged Attacks and Switching effectively to gain a max advantage.

How Ranking work in Pokemon Go Battle?

When you win battles in Pokemon Go you will earn a higher rank, but do not worry. You will not lose Rank if you are defeated. The ranking or Rating system in the Pokemon Go battle is extremely simple to understand. You will have to make your way the entire wave to Rank 8 after which winning and losing matters. This is where the rating system gets activated, after Rank 8 you will earn higher ratings for winning battles and lose the same on failing. You will be fighting with players of similar caliber. By default, you will start with Rank 1. Below is the list of all ranks in Pokemon Go battle and how to reach them.

  • Complete 5 battles in Rank 1 to unlock Rank 2
  • Complete 5 battles in Rank 2 to unlock Rank 3
  • Complete 5 battles in Rank 2 to unlock Rank 3
  • Win 5 battles as Rank 4 to unlock Rank 5
  • Win 7 battles as Rank 5 to unlock Rank 6
  • Win 10 battles as Rank 6 to unlock Rank 7
  • Reach 1800 Battle Rating or higher to unlock Rank 8
  • Reach 2100 Battle Rating or higher to unlock Rank 9
  • Reach 2700 Battle Rating or higher to unlock Rank 10

We will update more Pokemon Go battle tips and tricks soon, stay tuned for more updates.