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Pokemon Crown Tundra: How to Catch Regieleki

Here's how to catch Regieleki in Crown Tundra.

There are many legendary pokemon you can catch in the Crown Tundra DLC. One of these many pokemon is Regieleki. You can catch Regieleki in Pokemon Crown Tundra from the Split-Decision ruins. But similar to entering the Iceberg Ruins, there are some pre-requisites you need to complete to catch the pokemon. Don’t know what the pre-requisites are or how to get Regieleki, well don’t worry as we are here to help. In this guide, we will discuss how to enter the Split-Decision Ruins and get Regieleki in Pokemon Crown Tundra.

Once at the Ruins, you will have to make a decision to choose between Regieleki or Regidrago, of course, you want to go with Regieleki, hence you are here. However, if you are still confused and need help with making the decision, you can refer to our guide on which to choose between Regieleki and Regidrago. The guide lists the pros and cons of both pokemon that will help you make the correct decision.


How to Get Regieleki in Pokemon Crown Tundra

To get Regieleki in Crown Tundra, you will first have to catch the Regi Trio of Rock, Ice, and Steel. Once you have all the three with you, head to the Split-Decision Ruins at the Three-Point Pass.

To catch Regieleki, you need to enter the Ruins by taking the left path. If you take the right path, you will end up being caught with Regidrago and there’s no turning back from here.


When you enter the Ruins from the left, you will encounter Regieleki. To catch Regieleki, you will have to battle against it. Make sure to have a pokemon with a False Swipe attack and one that can sleep. This will help maintain the HP. Also, ensure to have enough Master, Ultra, and Timber balls with you as catching Regieleki is not going to be easy.

That’s how you catch Regieleki in Pokemon Crown Tundra. There are many other legendary pokemon in the Crown Tundra. One of which is Calyrex, the King of Bountiful Harvests. Read how to get Calyrex Steed in Crown Tundra to add it to your team. Another legendary pokemon that you will encounter in Crown Tundra is Galarian Zapdos. Catching the pokemon will not be easy unless you know the tips that are mentioned in our guide. Catch these legendary pokemon to have an upper hand in your battles.